Cooking class2022

cooking labtheory, practice and taste

chefsErminia and Pietro

The Hostaria di Bacco is glad to present its Cooking Classes.
Simple ingredients, tasty recipes, the best of our tradition and experience and also some secrets from the chefs Erminia and Pietro.
This is more than a class; this is an immersive experience that has to be lived intensely enjoying the smell, the true essence of food and people in order to bring with you the memory of a day as a chef and the recipes you can show your friends for dinner.

An old saying tells a great truth: “Cooking is made up with main courses”. Travelling throughout Italy, you go from cappelletti to lasagna, from agnolotti to gnocchi, from pici to pappardelle, from trenette to agnolotti, from ndunderi to orecchiette, from ravioli to scialatielli, from cavatelli to tortellini and so on and so forth. Every region has its own wines, cheeses, cold cuts, but especially its type of homemade and handmade pasta, “al ferretto”(pasta made on an iron rod) and “alla chitarra” (square-cut pasta that resembles the strings of a guitar). You can say that the most identifying aspect of a territory is pasta. Water and flour in the South, where durum wheat allows you to do without eggs; water and soft wheat flour in the Central North – pasta keeps its ties with the “terroir”, a French wordincluding “all the creations, practices, behaviours and values shared by a community and considered as the most corresponding to its needs. They were handed down orally from generation to generation, by assimilation and imitation”. Other elements make a difference from a natural point of view, such as water, climate, altitude and air flow. This is the reason why cooking is part of the national identity. It means protection for the culture and it is a thought, a labour of love. In line with these beliefs, we wanted to focus our cooking classes on handmade pasta as it has always been made.