Hostaria di Bacco

It was the year 1930 when our ‘Hostaria’ opened. After more than eighty years we can say, not without a touch of pride, that the secret of Bacco is in having been able to pass on for generations an emotional bond with their guests. We believe that eating is a spiritual activity, so our cuisine continues to be real, genuine, inspired by the respect of good rules and the careful selection of ingredients linked to the territory and the season. Scents of sea and mountains alternate in our dishes to delight the palate of our guests. The farmer-fisherman is the proud protagonist.

Our menu is also inspired by our most distinguished guests. Our "Ferrazzuoli dish" is dedicated to Anna Magnani, the great Nannarella who came to taste it when she was shooting in the Fjord the movie"Love" with her lover Roberto Rossellini. In the evening, they were used to leave their refuge by the sea to come to the hill to enjoy the fresher climate and the tasty dishes by Donna Letizia. After many years, nothing has changed. In the name of our restaurant there is still the smell of the myth: grasp it while tasting the dishes we propose.

  • 2 dining rooms: 120 seats
  • 2 panoramic terraces: 70 seats
  • A la carte menu
  • Wine tasting
  • selection of craft beers produced in Campania
  • Cooking classes
  • Open from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm and from 7:30 pm to 10 pm
  • From September to May closed on Tuesday - From June to August opened every day

* the menu is updated periodically, it may be subject to variations in prices and content.

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The Cuisine

Cooking is the gayest of arts and the most delightful of sciences”: Erminia is sure about it. A great cook, able to satisfy also the most demanding appetite. A tireless worker, always smiling, helpful and positive.

Simplicity, authenticity, experience are the basic ingredients of her cuisine in Bacco. She has been working there for more than half a century following the traditions of the Ferraioli family.

Many are part of her crew. In particular the Chef Pietro Cuomo who helps her preparing dishes with all the ancient tastes and perfumes of the local cuisine. They are linked to the seasons, to the sea and the land, confirming the attention given to respecting the most authentic food and wine culture on the Amalfi Coast.


A suggestive place consisting of an ancient cistern, where about five thousand bottles are kept. Among the five hundred labels, some masterpieces of Italian and foreign wines stand out and are the perfec match with our dishes. Particular attention is given to the wines coming from the Amalfi Coast, among which the Furore Doc white wine, the rosé and red wine from the winery Gran Furor Marisa Cuomo, located just behind the restaurant.

Cooking school

Simple ingredients, tasty recipes, the best of our tradition ... some little secret from the chefs Erminia & Pietro ...