Fiordo Furore

Every year the Amalfi Coast is besieged by tourists from all over the world. From Vietri to Positano tourists choose their favorite beach, often trying out more locations due to the infinite beauty of every single glimpse of Costiera. One of the most popular and sought after destinations by tourists, however, is the Fiordo di Furore. A marvel of nature, atypical for the characteristics of our territory.

History of the Fjord

Furore. A name that has always aroused curiosity to those who came across. An ancient legend tells that the devil had visited those places, and that he had not appreciated the treatment reserved to him by the local population. He left, slapping his feet in prey, in fact, to the fury, causing the deep inlet.
The less romantic say instead that the name derives from the waves that break furiously on the rocks of the fjord.
However, we are certain of the correctness of its history. In ancient times the fjord hosted factories, where the paper was worked and dried down the valley. The locals have always been people with a moderate and simple lifestyle, dedicated to breeding and crafts.
However, the Fiordo will spring to the memory of the most nostalgic Italians because of the location of the film “L’Amore” by Roberto Rossellini, master of Italian neorealist cinema. Loved by the director, he turned scenes of love with the protagonist of the film Anna Magnani, his love of the time.

A unique place

The Fiordo shows itself as a rift within the coastal rock, creating a mountainous landscape. All in contrast with the beautiful waters of the Amalfi Coast. The colored houses and the olive and lemon trees then recline harmoniously in the background, clinging to the rocky walls.
The Fiordo beach is very small, and in summer it is often very crowded; seeing its beauty could not be otherwise. Time has never changed its charm. The fact that it has never aged has ever tired, has meant that it was a typical feature, as well as the flagship of eco-tourism.
Also worthy of note are the many trails that start from the Fiordo and wind through the entire coast. Every year, in July, an international diving competition, Marmeeting , takes place from the bridge over the Fjord. A unique place, loved by tourists and Salerno, which often make it a destination for days out.