Ode to the onion of Campania

23 November 2019

An important part of the Italian cooking but often used only to flavour sautéed vegetables or considered as supporting, the onion will be the absolute protagonist for once thanks to the chefs Erminia and Pietro Cuomo from “Hostaria di Bacco”, Rinaldo Ippolito from “Casa Barbato” and the President of the Association “Cuochi Normanni”(Norman chefs), Nino Cannavale.
The diners that will taste the “Onion menu” will be given as a gift a hand-painted plate created by the crafsmen of the CERAMICA ARTISTICA SOLIMENE in Vietri sul mare. On the plate there will be a nice onion painted in a jovial and naif style that has always characterised the plates of the “Ristoranti del Buon Ricordo” (restaurants of the good memory).

Parmigiana di cipolla ramata di Montoro – Chef Rinaldo Ippolito
‘Ndunderi alla genovese di totani – Erminia Cuomo
Ziti spezzati alla genovese tradizionale di cipolla di Alife – Pietro Cuomo
Brasato di bufalo con cipolla ramata alifana – Nino Cannavale
La dolce bufala – Nino Cannavale
Tozzetti all’elisir di..Vino – Pietro Cuomo
‘Na tazzulella ‘e CafFernando – Fernando Roque Fusco

Wine:  Marisa Cuomo Furore

For information and reservations please call +39 089 830360

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