Path of Love

This route is short but intense.

It starts from the district of S.Elia in Furore, on the Amalfi Coast and continues for 500 meters at high altitude. The path begins with a bronze representing two lovers. Here the walk becomes intense also because it is absolutely necessary to walk in pairs and with the loved one.

At the beginning you can see some majolica with phrases that invites you to think about love for life, nature and your beloved. The thoughts make the lovers quiet and take them to a moment of introspection when memories come to surface and promises are confirmed.

Phrases of tormented loves like storms or loves accompanied by “tremulous screeches of cicalas”, loves compared to the blue sea with the energy of the sun of the Coast, love as only reason for living.
The more they read, the stronger lovers hold their hands and wrap their arms around their waist. They kiss, stop to read the last message on the majolica with the sensations coming from the landscapes, the scents and the sound of the words suggested by that state of mind. In the middle of a small square with a panoramic view,the messages on the majolica invites you to think about the love you are feeling and experiencing – from motherly love to free love, from burning love to spiritual love.
You are invited to leave the memory of this moment here, so you can preserve it intact forever, as if it was given to a small new home for your own feelings.

How to get there: the most comfortable way starts in S. Elia from the detour of the road Amalfi-Agerola. However, if you want to give better meaning to the walk, you can leave from the Fjord of Furore, the magic fishing village on the Amalfi Coast. To reach S. Elia you take the stairs that go towards the mountain and after about 30 minutes, you get close to the starting point. Being used to so many stairs is very important but you can challenge yourself trying something that was a daily habit up until 50 years ago. If you are able to get to the “Passeggiata dell’Amore” (the walk of love) from the Fjord and then come back smiling, you will love each even more. Promise!