The Traveller’s Decalogue

1 — WATCHINGSeeing something doesn't always mean looking at them. Do not stop at appearances, a place does not reveal its soul at first sight.
2 — LISTENLearn to travel even with your eyes closed: noises, people, silences, have a lot to say.
3 — TOUCH... things and places, you will make new discoveries. Discover the excitement of the unpredictable, the unexpected, and if you miss the road, thank fate for the unscheduled surprise.
4 — SMELL and TASTEOdours and Flavours: a trip is made of sensations, the most beautiful souvenir to take home and pull out with friends around the table.
5 — READA local newspaper and magazine, they offer an insight into real life that tourists often only touch.
6 — SIT DOWNTalk to someone who lives in the place where you are. He will act as an interpreter to decipher the reality around you.
7 — FORGETThe haste, the clocks, the days of the week: time is a convention that commands our lives. For once you're in charge.
8 — CHOOSEA corner that attracts you particularly, adopt it, give it your happy thought. It will remain a refuge that will always wait for you, able to give you happiness if you’d like it.
9 — LEAVE... something of yourself. Every place that has known you will be richer than before if you have left even a smile to make you remember.
10 — RESPECTThe places, the people, the nature around you and remember that what doesn't matter to you can have so much for others.