Path of Gods

For lovers of trekking and walking in the open air, the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast is a ‘must’ … The holiday on the Amalfi Coast can not be considered complete if you do not plan an excursion on the Path of Gods from Agerola to Positano.

The best known route is quite easy with a duration of about 5 hours and a drop of 600 meters downhill. Do not underestimate the fact that those suffering from vertigo might have some difficulties, but with the necessary precautions, trekking here is possible for everyone.

The Path of Gods route includes a departure from Agerola, more precisely from the hamlet Bomerano, or from Praiano to reach the village of Nocelle of the municipality of Positano (440 meters above sea level). Starting from the hamlet of Bomerano from 635 meters above sea level, it is Path of Gods necessary to walk the path almost always downhill with an obvious greater comfort, while starting from the municipality of Praiano, on the level of the sea, forces the hiker to reach the Colle Serra first. (579 meters above sea level).
Let’s imagine starting from Bomerano, Agerola: the itinerary is immersed in total silence and absolute tranquility, with the scenery of spectacular panoramic views, and with Capri, the island of lovers, in front. From up here the traffic and noise of the SS163 Amalfitana are only a distant memory. The path leads us to the “Grotta del Biscotto” and continues with the crossing of the Monte Serra pass. Once you pass the characteristic Vallone Grarelle you reach the village of Nocelle, located at 440 meters above sea level, a little known and characteristic path fraction of Positano, until very recently isolated and only reachable thanks to an impervious staircase. Here you can choose whether to go down the approximately 1500 steps that separate Nocelle from the Amalfi state road and enjoy a swimpath regenerator on the beaches of Positano or, if still full of energy, lengthen up to Monte Pertuso (352 meters above sea level), which owes its name to a hole (= ‘pertuso’ in local dialect) in the rocky wall of its summit due to the natural phenomenon of erosion, and from here descend to Positano Both routes are very evocative, along which you can meet shepherds and farmers who will make you enjoy some of their products, such as pecorino cheese, caciotta, salami, etc.

An alternative route that combines nature, culture and religious worship: an idea could be that path starting from Vettica Maggiore and through a comfortable staircase, recently renovated, reach in about half an hour the religious complex of “San Domenico” about 400 meters. above sea level. Here it is possible to visit both the church of “S. Maria a Castro “of the twelfth century that the adjoining Dominican convent of the XVI century. The famous “Path of the Gods”, in its most panoramic stretch, is about 30/45 minutes of trekking, and you can continue from east to west in the direction of Nocelle, through the typical Mediterranean vegetation of the Amalfi Coast, the holm oak woods, and admire caves and deep inlets …. After about 2 hours walk, you reach Nocelle, and from here you will choose one path of the two routes indicated above.

Suitable clothing? Convenient, of course! Possibly long pants and comfortable shoes, up to the ankle, but above all do not forget the camera! In addition, equip yourself with water, sunscreen and a hat.