The paths of Furore

Abu Tabela Path

Pino > San Lazzaro di Agerola – Time 50 minutes approx.

From the area called “Pino” to San Lazzaro, following the footsteps of the legendary General Abu Tabela (Eastern corruption of the surname Avitabile). You start from Punta Scotelo and you go through the gorge of the Valley of Furore, until the River Penise. Then you go past the ruins of the old powder magazine perched on the cliffside. In the distance, glimpses of fascinating views show the sea. After one hour, you get to the square of San Lazzaro.

Path of the raven’s nests

Centena > Bomerano di Agerola – Time 70 minutes approx.

From Centena to Bomerano di Agerola, along the way of the brigands. You leave the road near the house of the ironworker, you turn right at the junction of S. Alfonso and you go up to Santa Barbara among pergolas and hazel trees. Up on the ridge, you can see the ruins of the hermitage surrounded by vegetation. After that, you go into the valley and you easily reach the square of Bomerano.

Path of the Agave in bloom

Punta S.Elia > Marina di Praia – Time 90 minutes approx.

From Punta S.Elia to Marina di Praia, among the “lenze” of the harvesters (a “lenza” is a small rocky surface used to obtain grass). After the “Passeggiata dell’Amore”(the walk of love), you start the route that leads to Pennola, surrounded by agaves and prickly pears. Here you can find carob trees together with mastic trees and rosemary. Going a little further, there is Grottole with its fold for the cattle. Now the path becomes steep and goes down to Carritto up to the Praia Bridgeon the main road.

Path of the Angler Fox

S. Elia > Fiordo di Furore – Time 40 minutes approx.

From S.Elia to the fjord, along the old way of the farmer – angler. If you go past Palazzo dei Maccaronari,you will get to the Portella and down to the jetty, while looking at the characteristic “Monazeni” (warehouses). The magic of the place does not need to be emphasised.

Path of the mad bats

Fiordo > Punta Tavola (Conca dei Marini) – Time 30 minutes approx.

This path can be seen as the continuation of the previous one. It starts from the fjord along the way that goes deep into a big green area; it cuts across the mill and goes along the canals and sluices reaching the paper mill – lonely, quiet and full of bats. Here the path turns right and climbs up to Punta Tavola, a small plateau overlooking the valley. A little further, there is the Chiesa di San Michele (St.Micheal’s Church). From here, you can go to the town centre of Conca dei Marini, Piazza Olmo and the Monastero di Santa Rosa (Monastery of St. Rose) on the road Amalfi-Agerola.

Barbanera Path

Vigne > Moresca (per le vie Piane) – Time 70 minutes approx.

It starts from the vineyards and goes into the Praia valley. The old Barbanera’s house (a kind of astrologist/meteorologist who lived up until the fifties) can be reached quickly. Soon after you can find Praiano and the way, which now is an easy walk, that leads to Piazza Moresca and then to the carriageway.