Zip line on the Fjord of Furore

The Zip Line is a recreational sports facility that uses a big steel cable to take people form one place to another at different heights.

In this case, the Zip Line has been built between Furore and Conca dei Marini. It will allow us to experience the “Angel’s Flight” moving on the steel cable that will make us fly over the Amalfi Coast. An incredible mix of feeling for an amazing adventure in the open air.
With this new facility created by the company Zipline Italia srl, you will be able to fly over the Fjord of Furore between the green vegetation of the coast and the beautiful sea of the Fjord.

Here you can also find the video made by the company showing a demonstration flight.

This facility will allow you to safely fly between Schiato and Punta Tavola, overlooking the Fjord of Furore and enjoying a unique and extraordinary experience.


The facility
The starting point is in Schiato, near Furore. The end is Punta Tavola in Conca dei Marini. The Zip Line will allow visitors to go down the sea thanks to gravity. They will be hooked in safely and they will go at the right speed in order to admire the surrounding landscape and catch sight of the beauties of the Divine Coast. This facility is unique in its kind. It has been built thanks to project financing, that is without financial charges for public administration, and it will be added to the rich tourist offer of the Divine Coast.
The company says:“It will be possible to fly during the day and dive into the cobalt blue and turquoise green sea; at sunset in the red and yellow nuances of the sun when slowly touching the sea; in the evening when the moon, eternal mermaid, reflects in the sea inviting the most romantic ones to touch it. For the territory, the ZipLine is a brand new attraction that allows you to enjoy the environmental heritage in an innovative way. It meets the needs of a new way of seeing free time and recreation giving the opportunity to experience something new. An adventure in contact with nature and unique landscapes in search of and at the discovery of the real soul of the territory. The idea of the Angel’s Flight comes from the mayors of Furore and Conca dei Marini, Ferraioli and Frate, from their love and passion for the territory, and also from Cavalier Massimo Boccia’s perseverance and foresight, who is the director of the company Zipline Italia in Salerno. After many years of administrative procedures, the dream has come true.

Zipline Italia