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Queen of the stove

Family cooking

Donna Erminia

predestined superfine cook

Tradition with simple passion among sky, sea, green and cuisine

It really is true: Latin Slavic crossbreeding always produces excellent results. Erminia, daughter of Domenico fu Cuomo, a pure-blooded Furorese and Adele Tomic, a Bosnian from Mostar, is yet another proof of this.

The second daughter of no less than 13 siblings, she has played the role of queen of the stove, learning to cook for her family from an early age. For a short time she was entrusted to the Carmelite nuns of Stella Maris College in Maiori, until the terrible flood that swept away houses and buildings, causing hundreds of deaths and missing . It was a tragic night on October 25, 1954, but fortunately the complex that housed hundreds of children including Erminia was unscathed. And so Dad Domenico, transfixed, rushed to Maiori to bring her back home-all gripped with great fright, but safe and sound-to be permanently a mother in the family that continued to grow.

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A short time later...the skilled miner paired with his brother Aurelio found work with a construction company engaged in building the stretch of highway from Salerno to Vietri sul Mare. The two brothers, in order to avoid the daily comings and goings, settled in a rented luopo apartment in that area, taking the little girl with them and entrusting her with the task of taking care of household chores: tidying up the house, washing clothes and above all, preparing food. The little girl immediately demonstrated innate talents as an accomplished cook. A few years passed and , Erminia while still a minor got engaged and soon married Raffaele Ferraioli, owner with his family of the old trattoria in the village, under the sign "Bacchus," already credited at the time, as a "place where you eat well."The impact with her mother-in-law, Letizia, was easier than feared. Erminia was immediately put at ease and was able to refine her experiences by setting out on new paths, even though they were nevertheless closely linked to local tradition.

New flavors, closely linked to local tradition


We are convinced that eating is a spiritual activity

Our cuisine continues to be true, genuine


Looking back... one can safely say that that apprenticeship was very useful to her, first to prove to herself that she was not a novice and then to become a protagonist of a cuisine rich in fragrances as simple as they were refined, as rare as they were prized. We like to mention some of the dishes that make up her vast repertoire : Reginette al pesto furitano, Cavatelli alle foglie di capperi, Linguine alla colatura di alici, Totani e patate, Migliaccio, Minestra maritata and an 'infinity of other delicacies.

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Despite the strange, die-hard theory that great chefs are only male chefs, it is safe to say that Erminia Cuomo represents the most resounding refutation of it. Not surprisingly, Bacchus is reported in the most presigious food and wine guides and is listed among Michelin's Bib Gourmands.All caught up in her work but with an eye always on her four children (Letizia and Domenico engaged in the family business; Andrea at the helm of the "Albergo Margherita" in Praiano; Gian Maria owner of the restaurant "Il Riccio" in Manhattan). Erminia crossed the 50-year mark as both wife and cook.These golden nuptials constitute a new stimulus that, far from convincing her to stop, encourage her to continue "having fun" behind the stove to the delight of the many gourmets who are increasingly coming as if on pilgrimage to her little "shrine."

All caught up in her work but with an ever watchful eye on her four children

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