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Tradition, passion, myth

Ours is a story that starts way back, it was 1930, and comes to today with Erminia, in the kitchen for over 50 years.

Raffaele, a life dedicated to his country, Mayor of Furore for a good 40 years, always ready to tell you stories, places, people...and who better than him! Domenico, room manager, flanked by Imma in life and work.One family, one life, one passion...!

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To make you understand who we are, we tell you who our ideal guest is: a wanderer in search of himself, the otherwise and the elsewhere, a lover of beauty, a lover of good food, a prince of diversity and identity. We share with him a respect for local memory and consider food a vehicle of health and culture, an extraordinarily effective tool for telling local history and stories, capable of evoking tradition to better preserve it and prevent its dispersion. Knowing the art of welcoming and putting guests at ease, as well as knowing how to make food, are activities to which we have been passionately dedicated for four generations. The good things of yesteryear have not entirely disappeared especially at the table. We share the thoughts of those who remain convinced that life is savored through taste. We remain convinced that good food is prepared, even before in the kitchen, at the market when you go shopping. It is there that one must put forth the experience possessed to avoid dangerous pitfalls. The safest anchors remain the land and the season, which have always offered their specialties. Vegetables, meats, cheeses, sauces, condiments, desserts, wines, and liquors bear scents, aromas and flavors of the places visited. No less important is the season. Every food has its own, although greenhouses, refrigerators, blast chillers, freezers, microwave ovens have nullified, flattened, sacrificed fragrance on the altar of economic and practical convenience. Skill, expertise, experience, creativity, in one word the art of the Chef always ends up making a difference. Good thing!

You will listen to the silence. You will catch the breath of the universe in the distant voice of the sea.

Here we go...

It was grandfather Raffaele who opened Trattoria Bacco in 1930, when Furore really didn't exist! It soon became a foodie landmark.

In the prestigious "roll" of frequent visitors at the time, we can count distinguished figures from the world of culture, entertainment, and politics.

Distinguished characters

The Recipes

Read Donna Erminia's recipes and follow her advice

Read the poem that Raffaele Viviani dedicated to Baccofurore.

Raffaele Viviani

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