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The Best Restaurants Near Pompeii


Pompeii was once a thriving, rich Roman city in the Italian region of Campania, near Mount Vesuvius.

Today it is one of the best-preserved archaeological sites in the world and it still maintains a never-waning beauty which attracts millions of tourists every year. After experiencing your fill of the past, check out our guide to some of the finest places to eat.

Hostaria di Bacco

Located on one of the most stunning coasts in Italy and possibly even the world, the Amalfi coast, Hostaria di Bacco is a family-run restaurant which accommodates its customers on terraces with an enchanting view of the seascape. Established in 1930, this restaurant takes pride in its location, its traditions, and its resourcefulness in selecting only the very best ingredients from the surrounding area. With two dining rooms and two panoramic terraces, Hostaria di Bacco is a truly fine spot to dine close to Pompeii.

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